larger rings in a european 4 in 1 pattern rings are transparent in this european 4 in 1 graph paper. Big Dragon Scale graph paper image that isn't really clean, but I'm too lazy to redo it right now. A version in which the rings are transparent, again a Dragon Scale pattern. original european 4 in 1 graph paper. transparent version of the european 4 in 1 graph paper European 6 in 1 graph paper pattern transparent version of the european6 in 1 pattern Another transparent european 4 in 1 pattern Half persian transparent graph paper Japanese 4 in 1 transparent graph paper transparent 4 in 1 japanese on a bias. transparent 6 in 1 japanese graph paper Half Persian graph paper japanese 4 in 1 graph paper japanese 4 in 1 on a bias Japanese 6 in 1 graph paper transparent european 6 in 1 What I use for doing large inlays also in white, works well for large inlays japanese 3 in 1 hexagonal graph paper transparent Japanese 3 in 1 hexagonal weave the uniform version of japanese 3 in 1 japanese 4 in 1 hanging graph paper transparent japanese hanging 4 in 1 what I use for planning inlays on the spiral pens Trinity graph paper a rotated version of trinity transparent trinity graph paper fat trinity

Inlays on graphpaper

most recent inlay basic eagle inlay first inlay that I ever attempted, and the reason for the graph paper in the first place inlay used on the back of a set of gauntlets crude phoenix inlay (needs serious cleaning up)